Introduction: FootballCam

You thought you had it all but you were wrong luckily I can help you to make you very own football camera, with this camera you are able to record your moves like no camera has done before.

Step 1: Stuff

The first thing you do is buy:

- A camera
- A football
- A tupperwere box

Make sure the camera isn't to big this will only make things difficult.

Make sure the football isn't of the inflatable kind, otherwise you might encounter some problems, I used a foam one. And make sure its well bigger then the box.

The box should be big enough to hold the camera and some extra patting.

Step 2: Preparing the Ball

The next thing you do is slice the football in two equal halfs, try to leave a little strip a foam so its easier to close up again, then draw an outline of the box youve bought and gut the ball. Its wise to check if the box actually fits.

My box only just fit, wich means that its not that protected at some points, you dont want this so buy a bigger ball.

Step 3: Preparing the Box

Although I was able to see through my box, it was a little blurry so I decided to cut out a hole for the lens and another hole for the on and record button.

First I made an outline of the size of the holes, then I drilled a few holes to make it easier to cut.

As you can see it fit perfectly, actually a bit to perfect. My box wasn't big enough to ad the padding, so I took a risk using it luckily I borroughed the camera from school.

Step 4: Making Some More Holes

Now you've made the holes in the box, you know were the holes in the ball are supposed to come.

I made another outline, then ripped the foam away.

At the backside I made a hole just big enough to put my pinky through so the buttons wont be pushed by accident or damaged.

Step 5: Lens Protection

You dont wont your lens to get damaged so I ducktaped a little piece of plexiglass over it.

Step 6: Stitching My Ball

The last thing you do is stitch your ball back up, mine looked like a creation of dr. frankenstein.

Make sure you dont stitch to close to the seam, otherwise it will rip.

Step 7: Ready

Now you footballcam is ready to hit the street!

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