Introduction: Footprint Magnets

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We all have magnets on our fridge. Okay, most of us! :D Magnets from famous places can be expensive, and they're super easy to make! So why not just make them?? In this simple tutorial, I'll show you how to make your own magnets. In mine, I have footprints, or bootprints, because I can. And so can you. Here we go, and we'll start with the supplies you need.


Clear film or screen. I reused mine from a skylanders starter pack box, but you could probably buy it from Michaels or a similar craft store.


Paper (duh!)

Ink cartridges

Duct Tape

Magnetic Roll, or magnets. You will only need one.

Step 1: Print Off Picture

Print off the picture you would like to use. I used boot marks/footprints. Why? Because I can. Make sure that the picture is an appropriate size for a magnet. You can always print off a picture of your famous landmark, such as Niagra Falls.

Step 2: Cut, Cut, Cut

Using scissors or a cutting board, cut your photo to appropriate sizing. Place it on your cardboard in the corner, and cut your cardboard to the appropriate size. Trim the edges of the cardboard!!

Step 3: Set Clear Sheet

Cut the clear sheet according to size. Set it on the paper carefully.

Step 4: Duct Tape Sides

Duct tape all three layers together. Simple enough. Also, duct tape the back for a nice, clean look.

Step 5: Magnetizem MAGIC

Cut one magnet from your strip, if you have one. If you have a classic sticky magnet, just stick it on. Peel the protective paper off of the magnet and stick it in the middle. If you like, make the whole back magnetic. I recommend this.

Step 6: Decor!

Decorate the frame however you like. I made two of these wonderful magnets, since I accidentally cut two magnets. You're done! Post pictures of your feet magnets, or any other magnets you create. This is also a great way to save children's art using the same technique. Thanks for reading!

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