Footswitch for Pandora PX4&(it Works)

Introduction: Footswitch for Pandora PX4&(it Works)

Multi Effects Korg Pandora PX4 , a multi effects pocket, was not designed to be played in the stampede, the difference with his young brother PX 5 that is already provided for footswitch line ... but with improvised tools and materials, we can make yourself a footswitch for Korg PX4 Pandora .. enough to provide the following tools and materials.and this is the footswitch for pandora PX4 from Indonesia

Step 1: Tools and Materials

tools: n tin solder, guting, cutter, screwdriver +, etc.
materials: nokia express music female jack 3.6 mm., Headset nokia express music, push-on switch for latch 2 Pcs, anda case/box, as shown below

Step 2: And Step by Step Go Round As Follows:

First unloading PX4 like the following picture

Note: be careful in unpacking

Step 3: Solder Wires According to the Following Picture

Second, take the female jack nokia express music, and main board PX 4, and solder wires according to the following picture

Note: be careful in soldering not to damage other components, use solder with a pointed tip, n so sorry forgot to photograph a result of her spirits until solderannya, but the diagram above is an actual happening

Step 4: Third, Loading .. Nokia Headset and Cord to Connect to the Four Push-on Switch, As Shown Below

Note: The order of the cable may be different on each headset, to make sure, use a multi tester to know cable channels to the 3.6 mm jack with 3 bracelets again .. sorry no actual photos, but the picture above is an actual scheme that occurred.

Step 5: Fourth, Push-on Switch Cluster in a Box (to Taste) Like the Following Picture

Fourth, push-on switch cluster in a box (to taste) like the following picture

Step 6: Fifth, Re-PX4 Raft, Do Not Forget to Add a Footswitch Jack Hole in the Casing for PX4, and TADAAAAAAAAAA .... So Is a Foot Switch for the Korg Pandora PX 4

And now my Korg PX4 Pandora bias are invited on stage
IMPORTANT: before turning on the PX4, make sure all the jacks are connected

and this is the one and only footswitch for pandora PX4 from indonesia

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for this. Would you mind providing more detail of how to disassemble the px4? What do you need to do after removing the one visible screw?