Introduction: Force Awakens Lightsaber Earrings

A few years ago, I followed the directions from CreativeTiffany on how to make Lightsaber Earrings. Now with Force Awakens coming out, I've been thinking about how to make some similar ones, but with the cross guard. I took some pictures, but it can be difficult while working.

Tools used:

  • Assorted Jewelery Pliers (These are smooth on the inside, not grooved.)
  • Dremel/round file
  • Wire Clipper
  • Snips/scissors

Materials Expected:

  • 26 Gauge Wire
  • 1 Cleaned and dried soda can
  • Seed Beads
  • Small round beads with wide bore
  • Head pins
  • Embroidery String
  • Glue

Step 1:

First off, BE SAFE! To make these you are going to be around potentially sharp metal edges, and almost dust-like bits of metal from cutting and cleaning up.

TAKE PRECAUTIONS! Gloves are a good idea, and some sort of dust mask/eye protection is recommended.

Now to actually start, I recommend reading through the other instructable on Lightsaber Earrings since CreativeTiffany did an excellent job documenting everything. I'll be describing the significant changes as well as I can.

Step 2: Hilt and Guards

After you've made the hilt, use a rotary tool or drill to put a hole through the hilt near one end. Don't get too close to the end though, you still need to put the guards on.

I forgot to take a picture for the guards, but make a small strip from the can, about 1 centimeter. Roll it the same way as the hilt, then use a rotary tool/round file to make one end on each guard a bit concave so it can sit flush to the hilt.

Step 3: Wirework

Cut a chunk of the 26 gauge wire, fold it in half, and make some other little pieces off the center. Take these and slightly bend the tips. These will be used to catch and slide through the holes in the hilt. Keep these fairly close together and push it through from the end away from the holes. Go slowly, and you can catch the holes and slide the wire through.

Step 4: Guard Blades

Make sure the wires are tightly bent. String some beads on the bent wires, and then run a headpin through and bend it to secure the guard. Repeat for the other side, then put some glue in the seams to help secure them. I wrapped the hilt and guards rather thoroughly in the embroidery floss to help secure everything together.

Step 5: Finishing

Coil the wire into the core and leave a small loop out. Put some beads on another headpin, add a loop to the end and attach it. Add findings and decorations as you see fit.

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