Introduction: Forcibly Aging Wood

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Do you like the look of old, weathered wood but just don't have the 10 years to wait? Do it quickly with simple household items; don't wait, do it now!

- Black Tea
- Vinegar
- A brush
- some steel (steel wool, old rusty nails....)

(*the comic above is awful)

Step 1: Mix Yourself a Rusty Nail.

To start with, pour the vinegar into a container over your steel wool or rusty nails (whatever steel you have which will rust).
Allow it to sit for about a day while you do the next step.

Delicious looking, no?

Step 2: Brew Some Black Tea.

Brew some black tea or use some old tea, which you forgot to drink, and then brush it onto your wood.

The tea will darken the wood a bit, giving it a nice golden color, but there is still one step to go. 

Allow it to dry completely.

Step 3: I'll Have My Rusty Nail on the Blocks.

Day 2: Your Rusty Nail has been sitting for a day and the tea has dried on your wood now your ready for the final step.

Take your brush again and brush your Vinegar/steel mixture over the wood. The tannin will react with the vinegar/steel mixture to oxidize the wood turning it grey before your eyes.

Now you can have that old wood look without that pesky old wood waiting. 

If your wood doesn't look as old as you were hoping, repeat the steps.

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