Introduction: Ford Bluetooth Interface (Control Phone With Stock Radio)

This is a project I started about a year ago. It is a Bluetooth interface for a Ford radio and is a direct replacement for the CD changer in my '99 Ford Expedition! All you have to do is unplug the CD changer and plug the Bluetooth interface in!





-Voice Dial (Siri and Google Now)

-Answer/Cancel Calls

I will include the full schematics and source code below. But first, lets walk through a few pics of the build!

Step 1: Laying Out the Board

Here is a few pics of me trying to figure out where everything should be mounted on the board. Also, I have the board mounted to my holder and I am starting to solder the connections. This is gonna be messy! I should add here that this is a shield that will plug directly into an Arduino Mega 2560.

Step 2: Coming Together

After playing around with placement, I decided on a good fit and got started. Here are some pictures of the results. Note: I am still waiting on a new style Bluetooth module (the BLK-MD-SPK-B) so that's why there are so many wires coming out of the shield and connected to a temporary module (the XS3868). As soon as it arrives Ill solder it to this handy breakout board I got from eBay (the small purple board) and it should mount to the male headers that I placed on top of the shield.

Step 3: Test Setup

I went ahead and set up a test stand at my desk so that I wouldn't need to sit in my truck to do the testing. The radio I'm using is the same unit that is currently in my truck. I bought the connector that plugs into the interface separately from Mouser (part numbers, ect will be in folder below).

Overall, the test stand worked very well!

Step 4: Finished (Almost) Project

The only thing that I'm lacking at this point is the BLK Bluetooth module. It's coming from China and should be here soon. I'll update the pics once it arrives.

Note: the LCD is used for debugging. The jibberish that you see across the bottom is the AT commands that are being sent to the Bluetooth module when you press a button on the radio.

So, tell me what you think and check out the source folder and video link below!

Source folder: