Introduction: Ford F-150 New Muffler Installation

Here's a brief explanation of how I installed a new muffler on a Ford F-150.  I'm certainly not a mechanic but it sounds great now and it's sturdy.

1) Photo 1 - old muffler was badly rust-damaged.  The support hanger was also rusted through.  (The replacement hanger was not available at the auto store so I ended up fashioning a temporary one.)  

2) Photo 2 - The old muffler was rusted right to the frame so I used a Sawzall to cut through the pipe on either side of the old muffler.  (NOTE WELL: The Sawzall was throwing off some sparks so I put a piece of thin steel between the cutting area and the gas tank).  

3) Photos 3-5  -  I also removed the tailpipe and sanded a lot of rust from it.  I then sprayed it to, hopefully, slow the remaining rust.

4) Photo 6 - Old and new muffler comparison.

6) Photo 7 - Propping the new muffler (or hanging from a wire) was helpful during installation.

7) Photo 8 - Here's the temporary hanger, which I fashioned from steel used to hang duct-work.  Also, for some reason, there was a lot of play between the pipe and the new muffler, which fits over the pipe.  So, I shimmed the gap with nails.  It took a huge ratchet to sufficiently tighten down the clamps.  (Here, it might be worth checking with the auto store to see if they make a spacer to help get a closer fit.)