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Introduction: Easter Upgrade-Ford GT40 MKIII Papermodel

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After a few months design job, this is the time to build the model.Size is little bit larger than my earlier model.

When I checked the parts size, much easier to bent and glue the smallest pieces.

This car will be a gift- as usual in my models - my nephew likes the movie and this classic car.

This instructibles will present the process step by step till the painting of he chassis.

Step 1: Paperwork

Lenght approx 350 mm. First few pictures are coming from print out of the platform and side bumpers.

Step 2: Bonnet Is Nearly Ready

After a long quiet,few steps have been finished.

Step 3: Body and Chassis Attached

Next phase is done. It was a hard job to built the front diffuser.

Step 4: Side Diffusers Attached

It was a lot of headache, how to make a nice and simmetric holes to each sides.

Now the body is ready to paint!

Step 5: Primer Coating

I used acryl primer, based on my experience,when the glue is dried and paper turn to rigid, easy to remove them with sand paper and make a smooth surface before the top coat is coming.

Step 6: Top Coat

I was in a painter shop to find the right color based on OEm instructions.

I choosed a correct one from close to 20 different shades.The final book was coming from top secret place.VIP preffered!

Step 7: Additional Design

Based on the original red/orange color were only in the bumpers.I preffered the latest coloring from MarkIII when the lines wrere the stripe is coming from the front bonnet and continued to the back.

Step 8: Wheels and Final Stickers

I have printer the stickers and added with double side tape.

I coated with acryl laques to shine it.

Wheels made from aluminium candles and drink holders from McDonalds. Tyres are textile.

Step 9: Larger Scale With Body Parts

I have decided to design body parts and wheels separately.Scale of partsa are not the same, just to easy to make or max A4 pages for each.
First part the front bonnet.

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    Question 2 years ago

    Have you got a 3d model that could be 3d printed or cnc milled ? a solid one OBJ or STP


    Reply 2 years ago

    I used STL, Google Sketchup file.