Forest Spirit Wood Carving




Introduction: Forest Spirit Wood Carving


Welcome people! This is my first instructables so I hope I cover everything you need to get carving yourself a forest wood spirit... :)

Step 1: Tools Needed

A pocket knife
A marker pen (or pencil)
A piece of wood**

**this piece is birch wood

Step 2:

Draw your face!

I always start with the nose, get that central the add the eyebrows too fit.. And then the eyes! You can get creative with the beard :)

Step 3:

Start at the top and work down..

Remember you can always cut more wood off! You can't put it back on.. So take you time! You'll get there in the end :)

Using the tip of your knife. cut into and along the marked lines you have drawn around the nose and eyebrows then carve out the top using a stop cut.

Step 4:

Now carve out the eyes.. Take it layer by layer untill you reach the depth you want

Step 5:

Now clean off the bark to create the skin line of the face. The bark should just peel off in layers

Step 6:

Add cheek bones to give character

Step 7:

Peel off the bark on the eyebrows using the tip of your knife but leave the inner layer of bark to add colour

Peel off the bark on the nose down to the wood

And next cut out the mouth

Step 8:

Now for the beard! Cut down the line of the beard

Step 9:

Peel the bark off

Step 10:

Next peel the bark of the moustache!! And you are almost done..

Now just go over cleaning out and bitty pieces of wood in the corners along the edges

You can add extra detail by cutting lips under the mouth and between the moustache and beard

Step 11:

Marvel at your wonderful creation!!

Well done

Step 12:

Get creative.. Try out different beards and moustaches, angle the eyebrows to add emotion and character, different length noses! Just have fun and be safe while using a sharp knife

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Michael Springfield
Michael Springfield

2 years ago

I was surprised that it's your first instructable because you covered everything very well!
During this quarantine period, we all need some examples of simple woodcarving projects to spend our time at home.
I want to share some articles about spoon carving:
Hope it will help you to spend time carving necessary kitchenware.


8 years ago

Hey guys thanks for your awesome comments! I will try get some more up as soon as possible.
Cabbage patch king I like what you did. :) keep it up


8 years ago on Introduction

This looks like a fun hobby to do in free time. great 'ible idea!


8 years ago on Introduction

Nice job - perfect for an evening around the camp fire.

Awesome! Love how you used the carving and pulling back the bark to get different colors of wood showing :)


8 years ago

looks great!
we'll done instructable