Introduction: Forest on Tinkercad

very simple :)

Step 1: Terrain

Go into shapes and select terrain.

Step 2: Terrain No.2

Spread green terrain over about 2/3 of the workspace, add another blue terrain and spread it across the 1/3 of space. (mountains)

Step 3: Terrain No.3

Add another white terrain over the top of the blue terrains (mountains) to create snow.

Step 4: Trees

Find trees in the shapes and place them across the sides of the green terrain, shaping them to your liking.

Step 5: Add Water and Butterflies

Find butterflies and spread them across the forest.

Find a light blue terrain and add it for the effect of water to the forest floor.

Step 6: MORE Terrain

Add a dark blue terrain and edit it so that it looks like water (skinny and at a 3 degree angle)

Step 7: End (sorry I Was Rushing)