Introduction: How to Build a Super Hot Forge Burner / Blowtorch

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2"-3/4" iron pipe reducer

3/4" pipe nipple, 8 inches long

3/4" tee

3/4" close nipple

1/4" to 1/8" iron pipe reducer

1/4" pipe nipple, 4 inches long

1/4"- FIP ball valve

1/4"- compression adapter fitting to connect to regulator hose

1/8" MIP brass plug

MIG torch orifices 0.6-0.023

20 psi regulator kit that connects to your propane tank.

10-24 threading tap and a corresponding drill bit (I think mine is 1/8")

gas-rated thread dope


Toilet wax ring

Boiled linseed oil

Cork dust (even though it apparently doesn't exist)

Step 1: May the Torch Be With You. and Also With You.

First, don't expect to make this burner with a standard propane grill regulator. Elon's little, flashy torch gun probably does but we're making serious heat here, not a toy. The most important component on the materials list is the 20psi regulator kit. And the orifice. And the other stuff.

Second, the only part of this project that is at all difficult is getting the small 1/4"-1/8" pipe reducer to fit inside the 3/4" close nipple. When two pieces of metal almost fit but not quite, sandpaper is the thing you need.


In the video you'll see how to drill out the inside of the little brass plug with the 1/8" bit. I only had a special bit meant to center a screw on hinge holes but you can use whatever bit you have. Of course, the plug will get hotter than a 2 dollar pistol. So don't pick it up. Twice.


Lubricate the tap and cut threads into the little brass plug. If I had to pick a nice sound to listen to it would be the crack-a-squeek of tapping threads.


Sand down the 1/4"-1/8" pipe reducer fitting on the thicker side until it fits snugly inside the close nipple. Every other line in these instructions sounds like something I wouldn't say in front of my grandma. Get the close nipple and the shiny, fat end of the fitting together and either JB weld it or give it a few taps to deform it together.


Burner components! ASSEMBLE!

Step 2: Don't Melt Your Face Off

You can definitely use this burner for a forge. It is really, very hot. Melting copper in a few minutes hot. Or shou sugi ban a wooden picture frame. Or melt a drawer full of stuff. It's just fun to have something so small yet powerful around the shop.


The need for caution when lighting the torch goes without saying. So I'm not going to say it. Just don't be dumb. I worked in a Burn ICU a little bit. I know. Don't Be Dumb.

1. Open the propane tank valve.

2. Loosen the regulator knob all the way. This reduces the pressure coming through the regulator.

3. Open the burner valve. Is it hissing? Good. Tighten the regulator knob. Is it getting louder? Good! Turn the valve off.

4. Repeat 2

5. Turn on the burner valve. Light the torch. Increase the regulator pressure all the way. Now you're cooking.

Step 3: I Should've Saved the Star Wars Pun for "forge Be With You". Hmm. I Should Build a Forge Next.

Let's not kid ourselves. It's likely that melting linoleum into the tiny pores of an anvil is not something you're going to do. But I think you should pony up the $35 to make this burner. One half as hot will cost you three times as much on Amazon. And you'll need one, in the event we decide to make a forge together.

Thanks for reading.