Introduction: Fork Bug 2 the Sequel

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I saw M3C's Fork Bug and thought about doing similar but different
I have a bunch of forks, a vice, pliers etc so here goes.


Brute force and ignorance

Step 1: 6 Forks $2

Bought from an opshop, nothing special for the first prototype

Step 2: Bend the Tines

I put the fork in the vice so that I could bend the tines out of the way prior to bending the handle.
The 2 outer tines will become legs and The 2 inner antenna

Step 3: Form the Body

Bend the handle round between the centre tines to form the bug body

Step 4: Make the Legs

I curled the outer tines around into an oval to make the legs, using a pair of pliers

Step 5: Make the Antennae

Bend the centre tines into an antenna shape

Step 6: And Finished

I may weld a screw on the underside so the I can screw into woodwork/walls to use as a hook for keys or similar

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