Introduction: Formula 1

About: I design 3D models in tinker cad for fun and would like to be a designer (car designing).

hello, my name is Shawn I'm 14, I made this model of formula 1 entirely with basic shapes (except the wheels) from tinker cad, without any assistance. I just started tinker cad, because I wanted to make somethings in my spare time, and want to pursue a dream of being a designer.


Basic shapes from tinker cad and wheels

Step 1: How I Made It

I started making the front body first, then the backend of the body with the tail. I used a method that kept both sides equal several times, which was to cut off one side then copy-paste the other side to make both sides exactly equal.

Step 2: Step 2: Wheels

After that, I added the wheels that were already made in tinker cad, along with the axials that connects the wheels to the body, which took some time.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

lastly, I added the finishing touches like the string wheel, the chair, the two holes on the side, the protective bars on the body, and lastly the exhaustion pipe.

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