Introduction: Foundry

this is my small foundry i have made for melting aluminium cans

Step 1: The Parts

its made from Metal bucket some stainless steel bar, a metal pipe, a coffie pot, and a 25KG bag of 1400°C Castable Refractory, and a couple of bolts to.

Step 2:

i filled the metal bucket with the 1400°C Castable Refractory and then pushed the plastic plant pot into it to make the shape. i then waited 24 hours for it to dry. once dried i removed the plastic pot. then i drilled the hole for the metal pipe.

Step 3:

the pipe is connected to a small hair dryer i got from a charity shop; it works fine for this. then i made the melting pot from a stainless steel coffle pot, i drilled 2 holes for the bolts; welded a small washer on the bottom for pouring. as you can see it works great as i melted some cans down then poured it into a cake tin, waited for it to cool and i finally have an aluminium ingot.