Introduction: Four Arms Parallel Robot

Well, this is a parallel robot with four arms, the aplications of it are too many. I am using it to make drawings.

The inverse kinematics was made in mathematica 10 and the user interface was made in labview with Arduino.

The robot is actuated by servo motors but this characteristic is a trouble because of resolution of the degrees of servos is limited.
So the drawings that the robot can make are similar to those of the simulation.

Step 1: Materials and Parameters of Robot

I used the next materials to building my robot:

  • Four rotational joint called in the catalog "Safety Lock Kwik-Link".
  • Four "Dual swivel ball links"
  • Eight "Heavy duty 4-40 ball link".
  • Four Servo motor.
  • Fully Threaded Rods 4-40.
  • Aluminum plate.
  • Arduino uno.
  • Acrylic plate.
  • Wooden bar

The mark of the joints in the catalog is Du-Bro.

Step 2: Do It

The time has come to build. I have "CADs" of everything and will give them, although I think they could do their model. The important is the inverse kinematics.

In the image 1. I show the name that I put to the arms. I immediately give the distances used in my model.

D = 6 [cm]

E = 11 [cm]

F = 20 [cm]

G = 3 [cm]

For red segments, we use the aluminum plate. In the image 3, you can see the distribution.

Now, with fully threaded rods segments will "E" and "F".

In conclusion we will cut and put the pieces as shown in the image 4.

Step 3: Inverse Kinematics

Here I leave the mathematical code.

To make a new path parametric equation is needed. As shown in the example is in the section called "Cinemática inversa - Trayectoria"

Step 4: Interface


The user interface was made with "LabVIEW Interface for Arduino" then you need to download the repository VIpackage program. I leave the code above reads a text file with the angles that the servos need to draw a path.

So now I leave some of the text files as examples.

You always have to press stop to stop the program otherwise errors will start again.

Well, I'm new at this and I'm not sure how you should do a publication

An apology for my poor writing.

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