Introduction: Four Foot Screen Door

Last year I had a room added on with a 4 foot metal door for an back entry door. (Movers loved it!) I like looking out and letting air come in but couldn't leave the door open. I had checked at the local lumber yard about a storm door and it was going to be expensive to have one made. So I decided I could make my own screen door. I used pvc lumber so it wouldn't be too heavy and I wouldn't have to paint it. I bought the pvc lumber at Lowes and while I was there I also invested in the Kreg jig tool. (What a handy tool that is!) I had a nice flat area that I could work on, my carport. I got the measurements from the door opening and started cutting and screwing it together. Then I turned it over to put the screen on and stapled it to the door then covered up the staples with narrower boards. I was trying to keep it as light as I could and still look nice. Since I was putting it on a metal frame I got some long self drilling metal screws. I used a Dewalt impact wrench to screw the screws which made it a lot easier and faster. I put 2 springs on the inside to close it good. I used 3 door hinges to even the load. I looked on the internet and found a 4 foot brush sweep to put on the bottom. I had a few boo boo's but nothing major. I have been very happy with the looks of the door. When people come over they want to know where I got such a big door. I proudly say "I made it." This being said from a 63 year old woman! I did this project before I joined this site or I would have taken step by step pictures. I will keep that in mind for my next project.