Introduction: Four Legs Walking

I wanted to put a kit together for a small robot for less than $100 CDN. The programming had to be easy. This project uses Arduino IDE to control the stepping motion.

PuppyC is a programmable four-legged sassy robot base. Puppy has a STM32Fo3uF4 micro controller, 4 SG90 micro servers, a battery holder and a on/off switch.

In addition to Puppy C you need M5StickC to communicate with Puppy and provide the stepping motion.

Puppy arrives fully assembled . So the first step will be preparing the M5StickC with code to make Puppy move.

JoyC is a remote control.


M5Stack Technology

    PuppyC x 1 $28.70

    M5StickC x 2 $31.32

    JoyC x1 $21.26

    Total $81.28 CAD

    Step 1: Preparing the Sketch for Arduino IDE

    1. Go to the Arduino IDE website to download the version for your operating system. I am using my HP laptop with Windows 10.

    2. Once Arduino is installed look for a short cut on the desktop, We are going to upload (a sketch) to the M5Stack-C but the board will not be available by default. SO open up Arduino IDE website and select File -> Preferences -> Settings . Copy this url :

    to File -> Preferences -> Settings

    Step 2: Uploading the Sketch

    Open the Puppy Sketch. Attach a USB cable to Ms-Stick-C and a USB port on the computer. Select the Tools Option and check that the correct board has been chosen. In out case it should be Ms-Stick-C. Once connect there should be a port with the Com# showing. In my case it is Com8.

    Now click on the Upload button and you will see a green progress bar in the lower right hand corner of the screen.The word IIC_Puppy will appear on the display. Arduino will have a message at the bottom when the uploading is complete:


    Hard resetting via RTS pin...

    Step 3: Setting Up JoyC

    You next want to upload the sketch for JoyC to the second M5StickC. JoyC is a rocker module designed for the M5STickC. It includes 12 RGB LEDS.

    The process is identical to uploading the Puppy sketch but this time JoyC was selected.

    In Arduino File -> Examples -> M5StickC -> Hat -> JoyC

    I had a small USB port hub to charge JoyC and PuppyC

    Step 4: Control With JoyC

    Just a short video showing the JoyC controlling the robot.