Card of Love




Introduction: Card of Love

Wanna make ur LOVE feel special!!!make him smile?? ;)..Then TRY this out!!!

Step 1: Things Needed!!

1) Black chart 18*14

2) White chart 23*18 and 18*14

3) 3D glitter

4) Glitter tape

5) Scissor

6) Fevicol

7) Scale

8) Pencil

9) 1 A4 sheet

10) Red handmade paper

Step 2: How to Make Front Part of the Card..1)

  • Fold 18*14 white chart into 2 halves

Step 3: 2)

  • Fold 23*18 white chart into 2..

Step 4: 3)

  • Take black chart and stick it on 23*18 white chart.

Step 5: 4)

  • Stick glitter tape on 18*14 white chart..

Step 6: 5)

  • Stick small white card on big one..cut out the hearts of different sizes from red handmade paper and draw the out line using 3D glitter..

Step 7: 6)

  • Write some text or quotes in the front using black marker or sketch

Step 8: 7)

  • Fill the inside part with writings drawings or stickers as your wish

Step 9: How to Make Pop Up!! 1)

  • Take A4 sheet paper, fold it into 2 and mark 3 cm from both the ends..and draw a 4 cm line up and join it!!

Step 10: 2)

  • Cut the two sides and fold along the line drawn using a scale..

Step 11: 3)

  • Open it and fold it inwards!!!..

Step 12: 4)

  • Again mark 3 cm sideways and draw a line of 4 cm and join it,cut and fold inwards...

Step 13: 5)

  • This is how it will look..Repeat the above step once again..

Step 14: 6)

  • Finally it will look like this:)!!

Step 15: 7)

  • Stick it on the inside part of card..

Step 16: 8)

  • Stick hearts on popup!!!.
  • Give black border stick glitter tape on side and decorate with writings and drawings!!!

Step 17: ...

  • And now your F@!rYtALe LoVE card is READY!!! ;)
for more photos check out @jazz_handmade_cards(instagram)
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    5 years ago

    Fyi i thinks its harder to find things with that type of name in the search bar. just so ya know!

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    That is really sweet. I am going to have to make something similar for my wife.