Introduction: Frame DARTH VADER Art in String (VALENTINE'S DAY BRASIL)

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In DIY workshop today, we will make a picture with a technique called String Art, we will use the helmet of Darth Vader (However you can choose the link below the Magneto helmet also: D), press play on the video and see right now

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Step 1:

Cut the piece of MDF 6mm (45cm X 40cm) and sand all its surface and side with the wood sanding, it is important to sand well and then wipe with a cloth excess powder.

Step 2:

After thoroughly clean the surface with the roll pass the primer across the MDF, allow to dry well for 30 minutes and pass another layer again, when dry, pass the wooden fine sandpaper to make everything smooth again.

Step 3:

After the primer has dried and sanded the wood, pass three layers of paint Red splay, dry well in his hands, and to handle after all layers, it is good to wait about 1 day.

Step 4:

Download the mold at the end of the tutorial, as he saw is divided into 4 parts, cut out the pieces, glue pass and unite them all, then cut out the parts we will use as a template in case the bottom of the helmet and the two from top.

Step 5:

With pieces cut out, use it as a guide to go hammering nails, like the MDF is 6mm and 20mm nail (2cm), can hammer the nail up the end of the MDF, but still will remain a good part of the nail out and will firmly, be sure to protect the bottom when the hammer nails.

Step 6:

Take the Cotton-line roll, tie a knot and hold on a nail any to start giving the turns, when going through the nails no need to follow any standard, can be zig zag or even and irregular shapes.

Step 7:

Spend about 3-4 line layers, just so the fund was no longer visible, pass lines in all other 2 shares to complete the process, you be able to leave all the first irregular layers and the last that will stay above, do all in one direction only, to give a better final finish.

Step 8:

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