Introduction: Frame for a Daisy

Daisy flower for a new born daisy-quilling

Step 1: What You Need

Quilling paper
Tooth pick or larger

Step 2: How To?

-roll the yellow paper around the wood stick. It should be tight. I used 5 peaces of paper.
- using 3 peaces of white paper make a drop shape . First roll de paper so it's round and them make it looser.
Depending on the size of the flower you want, it can be used more or less paper

Step 3: Flower Body

For the flower make 7 drop shapes and glue them together

Step 4: Flower Center

When the flower is assembled glue the yellow center.

Step 5: Flower Leaves

For the leaves roll cutted green paper and glue to the flower

Step 6: Finished Project

Glue the flower to the frame

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