Introduction: Framed NES Game

This is an easy and affordable way to make some geek-art for your evil lair (or house/apartment).

All you need is the following:

1. A picture frame (something simple to make the game stand out more)
2. A NES game cartrige (you can find some at pawn shops or ebay for pretty cheap, just make sure its in good condition) 
3. Duck Tape (not the cheap stuff cause the game will fall)                       

Step 1: Duck-tape

This is pretty basic just put the duck-tape on the back of the game so that it is sticky on both sides. Put lots of tape so it doesn't fall off.
(There are better ways to do this step, but I chose duck-tape because its removable so I can play the game when i want to)

Step 2: Place It in the Center

Make sure when you tape the game to the frame that you put it in the center and that it is straight with the edges of the frame. challenge

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