Introduction: FrankenSnappy

I have been 3d printing for quite awhile now and one of the big issues I always run into is not having enough bed volume. I also found the RepRap Snappy on the internet and as soon as I saw it I new it would solve my problem. For those of you who don't know, the RepRap Snappy is an almost fully 3d printed 3d printer. It snaps together like a Lego set. With this in mind, I set about making it support a larger build volume.

Keep in mind that you will still need most of the parts from the original Snappy design so this assumes you have looked over that part list and assembly instructions from the original design:

Step 1: Parts

All of the updated parts can be found here:

The frankensnappy_logo.stl replaces the original logo.

The heightened_3d_print_extrusion_platform.stl replaces the original extrusion platform.

The lifted_stand.stl replaces the original feet on the snappy.

The single_foot_lift.stl is for additional support along the x axis. You should be able to fit quite a few of them (although I didn't install them in all the open snap on slots), just make sure you don't install them under the wire chain or you may break some parts.

The wheel_stand.stl replaces the end caps on the y axis (be careful with these as they will currently hold the axis weight, but not much more).

The y_axis_struts.stl holds the y axis in place on top of the x axis carriage. This is simply an extender to allow it top snap in with the existing x axis carriage mechanism.

I've also tweaked the firmware for this. It may still need some changes (the bed size might be slightly off), but seems to be functioning correctly. It also needs tweaked according to your heated bed type (or set to 0 for TEMP_SENSOR_BED if you aren't using any).

You'll also need some additional parts from the original design. You'll need to print out:

40 of the chain link pieces (not sure how many were originally printer)

2 more of the spiral z axis poles

2 more z axis struts

2 more x axis struts

2 more y axis struts

2 more bridge braces

2 more bridge segments

2 more xy sled parts (1 for x axis and 1 for y axis)

I also purchased a few different parts (that varied from the original design) as well:

Quimat Nema 17 2A 46mm Body 4-Lead stepper motor:

22 Gauge Silicone wire spool red and black each 25ft Flexible 22 AWG Stranded Copper Wire:

6061-T651 Aluminum Sheet, 12 Inch x 12 Inch x 1/4 Inch Thickness:

12V 120W Silicone Heater Pad:

11.8 x 11.8 in New Flex Magnetic Heat Bed Build Surface Platform 2 in 1 with 3M Adhesive Backing:

300x300mm with 3M Adhesive Tape:

Step 2: Assembly

Assembly on all of this is fairly straight forward. Construct it as per the original instructions for the snappy including the axis extensions and purchased parts outlined here. Once you are done with that, include the 3d printed parts included in this project (skipping or replacing the parts from the original design that have been redesigned here).

I replaced the x axis motor with the Qimat one listed in the parts list. You'll note that in order to fit the increased size of this motor you will have to remove the bottom of the x axis motor holder piece (either by altering the print or by dremeling out the space). This is also why the feet are lofted in this design.

You'll need more wire to get everything hooked up since this is quite a bit larger. Thus the extra wire spool.

Lastly, I replaced the glass built plate and the reprap heater from the original design with an aluminum sheet with an adhesive silicone heater. I installed a magnetic sheet on top for the bed. Lastly, I installed a sheet of insulation foam under the heater to prevent the print bed supports from getting heat from the aluminum sheet.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! If you can, you should consider breaking your images up into your steps to give people images to go along with your text :)