Introduction: Frankenbeer Monster | Lets Make a Beer Tote/caddy/carrier for Beer Cans

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This fun woodworking project is about a beer can tote that I made during a free weekend with a lovely weather. I named it the Frankenbeer monster.

Step 1: The Design

The basic concept of this design is that when the lower beer can is moved a new one will fall down.

Therefore the first step in making this beer carrier is to decide how big it must be. It is important to choose the right dimensions of the monster based on the cans it must hold. Also you have to decide how many cans it must hold. This will determine the overall size and shape. And the last component to take into account is the size of the material you choose to use.

I made mine out of 10 mm birch plywood that I had lying around and I chose mine to carry either ten 0,33 L cans or five 0,5 L cans. But it can be thinner, wider or taller. All up to you. This drawing will give you a basic view of the concept.

Step 2: Cut Out the Boards

When you have chosen the material and have the drawing you can cut all the pieces. This is a simple process and you can do it with the tools you have. I have a band saw but you can easily use a jigsaw or change the design to cut it out with a regular hand saw.

I will point out that it is more convenient and also accurate to make the two sides as one piece. These are mirrored pieces and you can use double sided tape (mostly used with carpets) to put them together. Use a tape that is designed to be removable, not all are.

Step 3: Making the Face and Holes for the Screws

I chose to cut the eyes and the handle. You can draw the face and also for example use a leather strap as a handle.Sand all the edges to avoid splinters.

Before putting it all together you have to drill the holes for the screws. You need a power tool for that part.

Step 4: Putting It Together

When you have finished with the parts you can assemble it all. Use clamps to hold the parts and screw it together. And it is finished.

I will mention here that this is my version of the design. I used a piece of material from another projects and it was already covered with lacquer. If it were unfinished I would have written something onto it (its name for example) or added a logo. You can even give it to your kids to paint it. So, use your imagination in finishing it, give it some character!