Introduction: Frankenstein Face Paint

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Feel alive when you paint your face just like the iconic Dr. Frankenstein himself!

Step 1: Green

First, I began with a nice layer of green paint all over the face.

Step 2: Green Shadow

Next, I used a dark green eye shadow to add some definition to my nose, wrinkle lines, and wherever else on the face that needs some shadowing.

Step 3: Black Lines

Then, I went over those shadows with black paint.

Step 4: More Green Shadow

From there, I placed some more green shadow on top and blend in slightly. Notice that I didn't actually paint my lips from the beginning, so I did that as well, along with a dab of black shadow for a more realistic appearance.

Step 5: Yellow Highlights

Finally, I finished off with some yellow highlights on a few areas of the face.

Step 6: It's Alive!

Now, you're ready to be "ALIVE!!"

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