Introduction: Frankensteins Creation

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I just had to do a half pumpkin half Frankenstein look! I hope you all enjoy and please subscribe to me youtube page, ~

Step 1: Sketch It Out

Using my white eyeliner I sketched out my look. Mainly the pumpkin side. Haha

Step 2: Pumpkin Side

I used an orange body paint and covered the pumpkin side. (Using mehron body paint)

Step 3: Pumpkin Lines

Using a brown body paint I drew some lines, you know the ones pumpkins have. =P Also using mehron paint.

Step 4: Black

I used black body paint to fill in the eye, nose, and mouth. Using wolfe body paint.

Step 5: Shadowing

Using a black matte eye shadow I shadowed around the eye and mouth and smudged them out a bit. Using Urban Decay in blackout.

Step 6: Brown Shadow

Using a brown eye shadow I shadowed around the lines to make them look more pumpkin-ish. Using BH cosmetics eye shadow.

Step 7: Highlight.

I took a yellow body paint and highlighted around the face. Using Mehron body paint.

Step 8: More Shadow

I used some more of that black shadow to deepen the brown shadows.

Step 9: Greeeeeen

I used green body paint on the other side of my face. Mehron body paint.

Step 10: Black Ear

I used black body paint to cover the ear on my pumpkin side, Wolfe effects paint.

Step 11: Face Detail

Using green eye shadow I used that to detail my nose, wrinkles, bags under my eyes, ect. I used BH cosmetics eye shadow for that as well,

Step 12: Black Detail

I used black body paint to go over some of those lines.

Step 13: Shadowing

I went over all the lines again with more green eye shadow.

Step 14: Stitches

I used white body paint to draw the strings, then dotted each line with brown body paint, then used the black eye shadow to go under each line.

Step 15: More Highlight

I used more of that yellow body paint to highlight the Frankenstein side.

Step 16: Body

To start off I painted one side orange and one side green.

Step 17: Pumpkin

On the pumpkin side I just repeated the same steps.

Step 18: Frank

on mr.franks side I just contoured the bones.

Step 19: Stitch

Then I repeated the same steps with the stitches.

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