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This was my costume last year. I like simple to make costumes because I normally put one together last minute. This one was relitively quick (a couple hours)  and I think looks pretty decent.

Step 1: Supplies

Required Supplies :
Roughly 10 ft of 3 ft wide orange felt (Depending on your height. I'm 6'1")
Roughly 4 sqft of black felt
1 blue king size pillowcase
Glue gun and sticks

Optional Supplies :
Fred Flintstone mask.

Step 2: Putting It All Together...

Ok, so start by folding your orange felt in half and cutting out a hole for your head. Next you are going to want to stitch the sides together. Ideally this would have been done with needle and thread, but I don't own a sewing machine and it would have taken a long time to do by hand, so I decided to do it with hot glue and it worked great. The glue creates a surprisingly tough seam with this fabric as it gets in between the fibers before hardening. Lift the top layer of felt and put a thick line of glue down either side of the felt, leaving room for your arms at the top. Think extra long tank top. Top start with, you can estimate how close to the edge you need your seam. This can be tweaked later and the excess cut off. Now, flip the felt inside out. You should now have something roughly resembling a very large, orange tank top.

Next we are going to tackle the black spots. I had no real pattern for these. I cut them out basing them roughly on the attached picture. Ideally the spots should be roughly triangular, but do not necessarily have sharp corners. See attached close up. 

Now, cut triangles into the bottom edges and the edges of the arm holes.

Lastly the tie. Take the pillowcase and cut it open along the seam. If your pillowcase case a kind of cuff at one end, cut that off as well. You should end up with just a piece of fabric that is rectangular in shape. Bunch this up, like a rope, and tie it like a tie. Finally cut the proper shape into the bottom of the tie. Notice that the two outside triangles are smaller than the middle one. So, three points, with the two outer ones smaller than the center one. This is done freehand. Just leave it bunched up and cut.

Step 3: Wear It....

So, of course, you will probably want to wear something under this. I wore a black t-shirt with the sleeves and collar cut back so as to be inside the orange felt, and a pair of soccer-style shorts. You can use a mask with this as well. I wore the mask for pictures but found it too hard to see out of to wear it all night though. 

Have fun.

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