Introduction: Free Absinthe Fountain

I had to try absinthe. I like black jellybeans, and getting drunk. After purchasing a bottle of absinthe from a Locked Case in the package store, I puzzled out this fountain, pretty much for free. We ain't fancy.

It's made from: ONE two liter Coke bottle, and ONE one liter Coke bottle with cap. also one coffee filter

The tools I used were scissors, a propane torch, a heated butter knife, and a thin sewing needle.

First, scissor the bottom off the two liter bottle, so it sits without wobble, over the glass.

Now scissor the top off of the one liter bottle, to make a kewt little funnel. Heat the needle and poke a TINY hole in the cap. It will still drip too fast, so tear off some coffee filter and stuff it inside the cap, to impede the flow. I used half a filter, balled up, to obtain a drip rate of one drip every four to five seconds. I measured out 6oz of water, filled the funnel, and marked the funnel for easy refilling.

Next, scissor the top off the two liter, a little at a time, so the funnel you just made will sit in there nice and steady.

Now use the propane torch to heat the tip of the butter knife (!) and cut holes in the side of the two liter bottle to allow your slotted spoon to stick thru both sides with good clearance all around.

You want to be able to micro slide the fountain around to move the drip point over your sugar cube, and leave the glass in place.

Absinthe is horrid.