Free DIY Business Card Stand Using Office Supplies

Introduction: Free DIY Business Card Stand Using Office Supplies

Create a simple and easy business card stand using 3 binder clips.

Step 1: Find a Medium, Small, and Extra Small Binder Clip

From left to right: Medium binder clip, Small binder clip, Extra Small binder clip

Step 2: Remove Silver Handles From the Small Binder Clip

Pinch in where there handles meet the black clip to remove them.

Step 3: Place Small Binder Clip Inside Medium Binder Clip

Using the handles on the medium binder clip, open it slowly and insert the small binder clip so that the flat edge of the small binder clip is closest to the opening in the medium binder clip.

Step 4: Remove Silver Handles From the Medium Binder Clip

Pinch the silver handle closest to the black clip to remove.

Step 5: Replace a Handle on the Extra Small Binder Clip With a Handle From the Small Binder Clip

Remove one of the handles from the Extra Small Binder clip. Then, using one of the handles you removed earlier from the Small Binder Clip, attach it to the Extra Small Binder clip.

Step 6: Clip Extra Small Binder Clip to the Medium Binder Clip

Attach the extra small binder clip to the center lip of the medium binder clip with the longer handle towards the bottom (flat edge) of the medium binder clip.

Then remove the smaller handle from the extra small binder clip. This will function as a resistance to keep the stand from tipping over.

Step 7: Now Add Your Business Cards

Grab a hand full of business cards and add them to your new stand.

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    3 years ago

    These are so useful, that's a great way to reuse binder clips :)


    Reply 3 years ago