Introduction: Free Distilled Water

About: Retired Aircraft Maintenance Manager/Technition.

This Instructable shows you how to save yourself a very small amount of money by collecting your own distilled water - but hey - this is what we do for fun.


  • I live in Arizona where it is hot most of the year.
  • From July through to September it is Monsoon Season where the humidity goes up considerably which can be seen from that AC drain outlet going drip drip drip.
  • As I hate to see anything go to waste I collect this water and use it for Car Battery top-ups and Steam Iron charging.

Step 1: What You Need

  1. Clean Plastic Funnel
  2. Coffee Filter
  3. Plastic Bottle

Step 2: Let's Begin

  1. Locate your AC drain outlet - My AC Unit is on the roof so they put a pipe through the wall and terminates a foot or so above the concrete which almost fits the bottle height.
  2. Wipe the outlet and jam the bottle onto it.
  3. Different types and locations of outlet will test your improvisation, but don't worry about it being sealed as we will take care of any floaters later.
  4. Wait overnight and you will have enough to work with.

Step 3: Filter Out Contaminants

  1. Wet the coffee filter and pat down into the funnel.
  2. Pour the water that you collected slowly through the filter
  3. This is just to take out any bugs and bits - it won't take out any dissolved contaminants but there really shouldn't be anything to worry about in there. After all this is not for medical or nuclear use.

Step 4: Typical Uses

  1. I use for steam irons and car batteries
  2. Please let me know any other uses that you can think of.