Introduction: Free Hammer Handle

So backstory is I live on an island and I can't always get what I want when I want it from the store. So a few months back I broke my hammer handle and cannot find another in the couple stores I checked. So instead of taking the easy way out and ordering one online I went cheap and decided to see what I could handyman up.

Step 1: The Find

So on one of my morning jogs around the neighborhood I found what appeared to be a Halloween costume piece or something sitting in a trash pile. It had a wooden shovel handle and a diaper box. I know the entire thing made me look at it crooked too but I knew I could use that handle. Upon getting it home and breaking it down I found under the diaper box was a piece of plexiglas, double score!

Step 2: Getting It Into Shape

I cut the handle down to 14" overall. Then I went to town shaping the end I started with files and a hand plane and then remembered I own a Dremel. So after digging my Dremel out the process went amazingly fast. Just make sure you check the fit of the handle in the head often so you don't take off too much material. The last thing I did in shaping is cut a slit down the center so I could put my wedge in and tighten it all up.

Step 3: Put It Together

If you did well on shaping this should go well after you get the handle in the head insert your wedge in the cut you made earlier. I used a few Brad nails that fit just right but you can also use a piece of wood if you have some.

Step 4: Hammer Time (Use It)

After using mine I know I didn't get my wedge right as the head wants to slowly migrate off as I use it but I would say it's a good start.