Free Music From Project Playlist (Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer) Straight to ITunes

Introduction: Free Music From Project Playlist (Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer) Straight to ITunes

Pretty straightforward. Also, you do not need tunestor, but it is best to use it if you want to get it directly into iTunes. If you don't want it to go directly to iTunes, when you right click the link, just chose save link as or something like that. BTW, if you have firefox, i recommend DownThemAll download accelorator. just go to and search for downthemall.
you also do NOT need the program, just right click the mp3 link and do save as... or save link as...

Step 1: (optional) Visit and download tunestor. Go to where you downloaded it to and install it

Step 1: Basically, Follow the Video, and for Tunestor, You Need to Install the File From Where You Downloaded It To.

so if you downloaded it to the desktop, you would need to install it from the desktop. it will also pop up in your internet browser. (firefox or .....IE.......) if you are using IE, switch to firefox, IE is probably the worst browser out there...once you're done downloading the music, you can open up iTunes and it will make a playlist for you at the bottom of your playlists, it will say "Tunestor Downloads" then you can sync your iPod and you have your music! And again, you DO NOT NEED TUNESTOR, all you need to do is when you find the .mp3 link, you just right click the link and choose save as... or save target as....

Step 2: Step 2

Step 2: go to or and search for the song you want

Step 3: Step 3

Step 3: Once you find your song you want, make sure it works and is the right song by clicking the play button first. If it is the song you want, you can now click (visit site) right next to the song name.

Step 4: Step 4

Step 4: At the top, there is a rectangle with a scroller on the side, you need to scroll all the way down and you will find a link that ends in mp3. If you have tunestor, right click the link and click "download directly to iTunes". If you don't have tunestor, you can just click save as... or save target as....

Step 5: Step 6

Step 5: open iTunes and you'll see a playlist called "Tunestor Downloads", that's where all of your downloaded music is. Now you can sync your ipod and you have your music

Step 6: Extras

check out my other instuctables. btw, if you don't like this way, and you like using limewire, I know how to get limewire PRO for free. i promise you there are no viruses or spyware. i did not make the site, but i downloaded it, and it worked PERFECTLY!!! the site is
and the site WILL NOT WORK if you put in the www or the http://

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