Introduction: Free Standing Earring Holder

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How to make a free standing earring holder out of (mostly) household items. This thing really looks great on my dresser, plus it keeps my dangly earrings out of the jumble that is the bottom tray of my jewelry box. Oh, and it makes a great caddy for your hair accessories!

I would also like to give a shout out to aznliu since her dangly / chandelier earring holder project was sort of the spring board for mine.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

a picture frame without the glass
(Note: in order for this to work, the insert for the glass must be smaller than the insert for the back of the picture frame. This allows for about a 1/4 inch gap between the front and the back )
thick super glue
glue stick or double sided tape
a photo or printed paper
small piece of wire mesh/ screen (from hardware store)

Step 2: Installing the Mesh

(Note: if you planned on painting your frame, go ahead and do that first, then do this step while you're waiting for the paint to dry)

Using the cardboard insert that came with your frame as a template, lay it on the mesh and trace around it with a marker. Cut it out with scissors and make sure it fits inside the front of the frame where the glass used to be. Remove the mesh, then apply super glue all the way around the smallest edge inside of the frame and place the mesh over it. Using something other than your finger :) press the edges of the mesh into the super glue. (Oh, placing some paper underneath the frame to catch drips may not be a bad idea.)

Step 3: Finishing Up

To make the back of your frame pretty, grab the back piece of your frame (the part with the stand on it) and use that as a template to cut out a photo, or in this case, some fancy scrapbooking paper. (do not use an original photo! Make a copy, this way when the backs of your earrings make tiny little scratches on your photo, you won't cry) All you have to do here is grab the glue stick and try not to wrinkle the paper while you're sticking it to the back of the frame.

That's it! Just reassemble your frame, set it on your dresser and add your dangly earrings! ( I guess you can hang it on your wall too, but then it wouldn't be free standing :P )