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Introduction: Free Storage Bins Complements of Your Cat

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Material & Equipment list:

Cat litter jugs
Utility knife
Sharpie marker
Masking Tape

Step 1: Collect the Raw Material...

The raw material I speak of are Cat litter jugs. They come in a short and tall sizes. The longer of the 2 is about 15" tall or about 3" larger than the short ones. You can use either one, but I always go with the larger ones If you have a cat, you probably already have a supply of these. If you don't have a cat, talk to a friend or coworker that does.

Step 2: Prepare the Jugs for Use-

Using a utility knife, slice off the label. Open the jug and dump out any residual litter and rinse out the jug with water.

Note:  Knives are SHARP and can cut unintended things.  
Try to end this project with the same quantity of fingers you started with.

Step 3: Construct This High Tech Marking Gauge

Find a box or block of wood that is about 4 - 5 inches in height. Using either space age polymer based carbon fiber retainer strips -or-  masking tape, fasten a Sharpie marker to the box as shown on the picture. The next step will show where you want to cut the jugs. I find it to be right under the screw on cap. The reason for making this gauge is for consistency. The more consistent the size, the neater look you will end up with.

Note: No I didn't watch the Grey's Anatomy box set I used for the marker spacer. That pleasure fell to Mrs. veeguy.

Step 4: Mark Your Jugs

Set your jug on a surface handle side down. Adjust your gauge height to place the marking pen's tip so it is just under the screw on cap. Now slide your high tech marking gauge around the jug.  While sliding the gauge around the bottle, keep your tip against the jugs  (sounds like a line from an adult video)

Note: Any typos from now on are due to my cat deciding he wants to lay on my keyboard.

Step 5: Make the Cuts

Using your utility knife again, carefully cut along the line to bisect the jugs. Take your time, it's easy for the knife to "run wild" very quickly, leaving you with a ruined jug.

Step 6: Admire Your Work- for a Moment

Make all your cuts. You can use both halves or only the deeper handle half. I use both but plan on replacing the cap halves as I accumulate enough handle halves.

I also use the cap halves for drip pans when doing brakes of cleaning small items. Put a few paper towels in the bottom and catch the brake dirt and spray cleaner before it drips on the floor.

Step 7: Pick a Messy Shelf (before View)

Select a shelf to organize and shame yourself for letting it get so messy.

Step 8: It Puts Da Stuff in Da Box

Go through the messy shelf and choose a bin to store it in. It helps to group similar items, paint with coatings and brushes, electronic components with wire, etc. You know the drill. This is also a great time to finally throw away the things you *know* you will never use. (be honest, that string remnant collection is NOT valuable, and never *will* be.)

Step 9: Label Your Bins!

Using your Sharpie, label the bins with enough of a description to at *least* spur your memory. I write directly on the bins and use a bit of solvent if I need to "erase" old labels. You could also use some high tech ultra high density polyethylene label medium -or- masking tape for removable labels.

Step 10: Revel in Your New Storage System.

Notice the easy to grab handle its easy to tilt out a bin to examine it's contents.

Look upon your storage shelves. It is good. Now go forth and enjoy your new found bins.

And- Be sure to thank your cat!

Step 11:

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I love this! I cannot wait for Spring now. I will be busy in the garage!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Here's a kitty litter bottle project I did