Introduction: Free Up Drive Space in Windows 10 Using Disk Cleanup

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Cleaning the hardrive does not require using third-party tools. It can be done quickly using windows 10 built in app called “Disk Cleanup” and its free.

You will need the following items before you begin:

1) Deskop or Laptop

2) Windows 10 installed

3) Non- network Login ( personal not corporate managed)

4)Administrator access to PC that will be used

By the end of this tutorial, your hard drive will be cleaned up and much needed hard drive space with be restored . The reclaimed space can be used to store files , photos and more.

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Step 1: Where to Find the Application in Windows 10 `

Step 2: Click on Disk Cleanup

Simple step to launch diskclean up , Just double click to start the process

Step 3: Select the Drive That Needs Cleaned Up

A) After Disk cleanup opens ,it will ask what drive ( most PC’s use drive “C” as default)

B) Use the arrow to select a different drive if needed

C) Click “Ok” to continue ( At this point no changes have been made to you PC)

Step 4: Select Options Before Continue to the Next Step

Select all check boxes then select Clean up system files, this is the place you will recover the most space.after cleaning options are checked click OK and the application with run .

Step 5: Preview Options Before Clicking Next

As you can see , in the example I can recover over 1.6GB of hard drive space after the utility is ran. Click Next to process options and delete space. At this point NO data has been deleted click "OK" to continue.

Step 6: Caution at This Point Data Will Be Deleted If You Continue and Start Running Process

At this point files will be deleted and be unrecoverable if you continue. Click “Delete Files” to start disk cleanup.

Step 7: Final Step Let Process Run ,windows Will Close Then Reboot PC

When this window closes the process is complete and a manual reboot should be done.

Enjoy the extra recovered space.Click the video if you need help following the steps.