Introduction: Wireless Xbox 360

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Hey Guys we have a video over this instructable, but we have several people asking us to remake the video with Step By Step written instructions so here is our shot at the written Instructable we hope you enjoy our "ables".

In this Instructable you will learn how to connect your Xbox 360 to your laptop in order for you to use it as a wireless modem. Microsoft sells the modem for $99 and it does okay and works with your system, this way, you can get the same benefits and all you need is a Cat5 cable and your laptop, or wireless Device. If you want to see the video footage watch the following video. If not, skip this and continue to step 2!

Step 1: Stuff You Need

Alright lets get this thing started obviously the things you will need are

The Xbox 360

A cat 5 cable aka Network Chord / Ethernet Chord

A laptop with Wireless access

and 5 minutes of your Time!  but come on, you take longer in the "john" than you would setting all this up!

Step 2: Computer Configuartion

Alright the first thing you need to do is get the computer ready to accept the xbox connection :) You cant just jump in and get things done you have to "baby Step" the entire way :P 

1) Go to the wireless network connection at the bottom right of your computer, The small icon that looks like "Two Monitors with a small globe around it! " Click on that

2) A small balloon should open up right above the bar: Click on  "network and sharing center"

3) On the left side  under task bar click on "manage Network Connections" if you have one of the new systems like Windows 7 you can click on Adapter settings.

4) Once the new window appears you need to "RIGHT" click on the wireless network connection, and it will bring down a small window.

5) click on the very last option that you get on the window, the name should be "Properties" this will open a new pop up window.

6) XP users can click on the "advance" tab while Vista and WIndows7 users can click on the "sharing" tab. IT's the same thing.

7) A new window ill open up and you need to "check" the box that says "allow other users to connect to the internet though this computers network connection" and then click okay! and were done setting this baby up!

Step 3: Getting the Things Started

Alright now the second step you really need to do is Get everything Connected, if you look at the first image, you see that we have the X-Box connected to the Laptop Via an ethernet chord, then we have the Modem connected to the internet to get us Xbox live. The laptop has a full wireless connection to the modem.

Soooooo lets do that

Take your Xbox and turn it on to the back, and using the Ethernet chord connect the Network cable from the Xbox to the Laptop that you setup.

and thats it!

Step 4: Restarting

NOW all you have to do is click Restart computer, and turn on the X-box, once the Xbox has started you can click on settings and click on connect to Xbox Live and your box will take care of the rest!

Have Fun and happy playing!