Introduction: Free Yacht - Volume2

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TimAnderson is known around these parts for the awesome free yachts he acquires... My father recently acquired what can be considered a free yacht - and surprisingly, my mother agreed to go along with it. I detested - even Tim said it's a monster of a project - but that didn't stop it. My father lived on a sailboat when younger, so I kinda think this is somewhat related to a midlife urge to do "things" and live dreams :p

Now this isn't any ordinary "free yacht" - this is a 61 foot (LOA) Ketch. So what comes with a 61 foot yacht?

Length Overall: 61'
Beam: ~15'
Draft: >7' with extendable centerboard (+2' --hydraulic)
Construction: Fiberglass - hand layup: 1984
Ballast: 18,000lb integrated in layup
Water: 600gal in 2 tanks
Fuel: ~450gal in 1 tank

Engine: Ford Lehman 135hp
Generator: ???? (don't recall)

Reverse Osmosis water treatment
Two redundant auto pilot systems
Compressor for SCUBA
16' inflatable
Washer/Dryer in a Utility Room
3 heads - 4 showers (plus deck shower)
4 Cabins
Deep Freezer
Stove and Oven
3 zone a/c
Deck refrigerator
110 Power service (on board inverter when not on shore)
12V Power service
7 141 pound batteries (ask me how fun it is to replace these :p)

Etc. Etc. Etc. - you can live aboard this thing....

The downside is - this boat has sat for awhile. And we are constantly finding new systems. I've been meaning to do an instructable - but there's just so much stuff to go into it. So here's a quick slideshow :)

There's a lot of story behind the boat, and of the restoration process.... But we successfully navigated the yacht through Ft. Lauderdale and Miami Rivers :) And by successful, I mean we didn't crash or damage anything (other than pride perhaps) - the trip was very... "Event full" requiring some Macgyver at sea solutions....