VOIP in Your Cell Phone Via Wifi and 3G




Introduction: VOIP in Your Cell Phone Via Wifi and 3G

Here I'll show you application for your cell phone called Fring. It's really great, free and easy to use.
What can we do with Fring;
-Voice calls via Skype
- chatting (Skype, MSN, ICQ)
- Voice calls via any SIP provider, so you can call regular numbers
- using addons such last.fm, gmail and others
What we need:
Cell phone with wifi and/or 3G connetion,( unlimited data plan is great) :)
New nokia phones with Symbian os, or Windows Mobile are best, It works on Iphone too, list of devices you can find on http://www.fring.com/

Step 1: If Your Device Is Supported

Install app from website http://www.fring.com/download/ choose method best for you. I downloaded application on my pc and then I installed it on my Nokia E51 using usb cable and software delivered with phone Nokia PC Suite.

Step 2: Run It!

Run and configure your fring. You can be asked to choose how you want to be connected to the Internet, I choosed wifi .if your 3G connetion is cheap, or you have unlimited data plan it's better for you :) Create a fring account, and then configure other things, like Skype account or SIP account.
Check if it works call fring test call and if you added skype account skype test call too.

Step 3: Use and Enjoy

Everything you need is on Fring website http://www.fring.com
Here are some my pictures, my lcd screen is fine, just picture is scaled :)
my blog http://www.lucash.net/blog/

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    L.X. B0B0MAN
    L.X. B0B0MAN

    12 years ago on Introduction

     Ive got Minifring but My phone dosn't support the voice chat just the txt msg part of it but i don't understand though how you say connect with wifi or 3g are you meaning you connect it so that the app runs through your internet connection on your Pc using the 3g or wifi because my phone does not seem to have that option its a Nokia 3120 XT symbian series


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    If you use 3G it will obviously just be doing VOIP via an 3G internet data plan which here in Australia is a prohibitively expensive way to go (no unlimited plans). If using the wi-fi option, it is connecting to your home wi-fi setup to access the internet but obviously your cell phone has to support wi-fi which most don't.