Introduction: FreeStyle Drain by Noble

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Installation of a drain that is flush with the tile.  This Instructable has been created by an individual remodeler, who is in no way affiliated with Noble.  It is supplemental to the installation instructions created by the manufacturer and not intended to replace them.

Step 1: Cut Subfloor and Set Drain

Use the drain body as a template to mark the subfloor.  Cut out the subfloor so that the flange rests on the floor.  You will notice that the flange is the thickness of typical floor backerboard.  The backer board will butt up against the drain body on the bath floor outside the shower.

NOTE: This drain can be installed with or without a shower curb.  If the curb is used, then the subfloor does not need to be cut out.

Step 2: Blocking to Support the Subfloor

2x6" blocking is added to support the floor, outlining the area where the subfloor is cut away for the drain.

Step 3: Create Slope to Drain

Create the slope by finding the place on the studs that is level with the drain body.  Add 1/4" of height for every foot of width.  I had 2 1/2' of shower pan to cover, so that adds up to 5/8" extra height was needed.  The skills needed to create the mortar bed are very similar to those needed when creating a mud pan.

When the proper height is calculated, draw a line to use as a guide when creating the mortar bed slope.  If the shower is larger, it will be necessary to add blocking between the wall studs to accommodate the height of the mortar.

The mortar sits right on the subfloor.  All waterproofing will be done after the drain body and mortar bed are installed.

Step 4: Waterproofing

After the mortar bed cures, proceed with the waterproofing of your shower pan.  

Run two beads of the sealer on the drain, then use modified thin-set to set the membrane into the bed.  Set the sheet membrane over the drain, press it into the thinset, and clamp it down.

The sheet membrane can be folded and creased ahead of time to fit the shape of the shower.   It must go up the wall 6".  Consult the manufacturer's instructions for placement on walls, curbs and the floor outside the shower.

Our drain kit did not include a sheet membrane that was big enough for the shower, but it can be ordered separately. The rest of the pan was waterproofed with Mapei's waterproofing membrane, Mapelastic™

The walls go in after the sheet membrane is installed. Liquid membrane was installed in several coats both before and after the wall backer board installation.

Step 5: Set Drain Height

Before installing the tile, temporarily set the drain cover.  The screws that support and adjust the drain should protrude 3/8".  They will be fine-tuned later when the tile installation has been completed.

After the tile has been installed, use the included tool to adjust the screws that support the drain cover. The drain will then be flush with the tile.

In this particular installation, the floor tile was a tad thicker than the shower tiles, so the floor tile was the better choice to use as the guide.