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A freeformable IR remote-controlled LED circuit. An all-in-one applicable DIY light chaser with Arduino-controlled patterns.


I have been inspired by the freeform circuit... So I just made a freeform circuit that is even freeformable (can be formed into any shape and design). This circuit is a 18 LED chaser in which patterns are changeable with IR remote. Each LED can be controlled separately.

Step 1: Forming Into Shape

As I designed for a hexagonal frame I shaped it using pliers and used graph for reference.

Step 2: Arduino Preparation

Remove the Arduino pins and braces with cutter and pliers. Desolder pins from the Arduino Nano don't break it!

Step 3: Frame Joining

I soldered a four copper rods on the screw hole of arduino with the USB port GND to the hexagonal frame.

Step 4: Preparing LED Arms

I soldered LED's with the wires and used 330ohms resistor for each LED.

Step 5: Joining All Parts

Finally each LED wire is soldered with frames.
(LED -ve to the frame)

Step 6: IR Receiver Part

The TSOP1738 IR receiver is mounted on top of Arduino Nano's ISP head And output pin to the Arduino Rx pin.

Step 7: Final Pinch

I have messed on soldering part on the frame since copper doesn't allows the soldering to bind together.

I suggest to use Brass rods for better results.
Don't use thick soldering leads! it will surely get in trouble...

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Step 8: Working

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