Introduction: Freenamy's Skateboard

Skateboarding, known as "the coolest sport in the world", evolved from surfing in the late 1950s and early 1960s, is the originator of the history of extreme sports.After a period of learning, I tried to build my first skateboard model with Tinkercad.

Step 1: Slide Surface

The general structure of the skateboard surface is a flat plate, and the two ends are slightly warped after processing. Therefore, my idea is to first pull out a 60*25*1(cm) flat plate, then pull out a 12*25*1(cm) flat plate as a transition, pull out a 25*1(cm) semi-cylindrical material((as shown in figure 1)), and combine it with the transition plate to make a single warped plate.Duplicate single warped plate, connect two single warped plates to the main board, and pull out 1*1*25 cylinder as the transition to make the connection smooth(figure 2).

Step 2: Non-slip Surface

In order to prevent the players from standing on the skateboard due to insufficient friction risk, the skateboard needs to be added with a layer of anti-slip surface.Specific modeling is to copy the skateboard surface and reduce its thickness to 1mm.

Step 3: Pulley

Pulley is skateboard is very important part, must have good fastness, because this is in, make use of area of two bottom and height are not identical compose spindle, the wheel is covered after two ends, consolidate with screw.At the same time, the part connected with the slide plate is established on the spindle.

Step 4: Assembly

Assemble the built parts.

Step 5: Color Mixing and Finishing

An excellent designer should not only design the structure of objects but also have excellent aesthetic ability.The last step is to design with imagination.

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