Freezed Fruits and Vegetable Storage for One Year for a Whole Family

Introduction: Freezed Fruits and Vegetable Storage for One Year for a Whole Family

How to increase the volume of your freezer to 1000l?

Step 1: Whit a Buget of 100 $, I Incresed the Volume of a Vertical Freezer From 250 L to 1000 L by Making a Huge Polystyren Box Around.

Freezing is probably the world's best food preservation tehnic

- I dismounted the door

- I left free only the backside, where the radiator is

- On other sides I put 20 cm polystyren

- I made a huge horizontal polystyren box with 20 cm all walls

- I used standard adhesive for polystyren

- Finaly, became like a horizontal freezer, with a polystyren door on the upper side

- I put a plastic foil inside, as well

- It worked one yerar and with - 17 C inside.

- It consumed 25% more power than before

- Sometimes it had to be defrosted.

- Freezed fruits and vegetables has to be vacuum seald to keep their flavour

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    4 years ago

    This is such a cool idea! Have you had any issues with over working the freezer?


    Reply 4 years ago

    When the ice started to bevom thicker, it worked a bit more.

    However I monitorised the temperature inside, and when startetd to increse a bit, I knew that is time to defrost.