Introduction: Ways to Freeze Squash

Freezing Squash is a great way to save your harvest from your garden. Since Squash produces a lot it's a great plant to have in the garden and is easy to grow. Here are some ways to save the squash for later use.

Step 1: I

1. First, pick and wash squash.

2. I like to pick the squash when it is the size of my forearm in length and before the skin gets tough/hard.

Step 2: Chop & Shred

1. Chop off ends of the squash.
2. Shred Squash using a grater.
3. Two squash shreded about 4 cups worth.

Step 3: Freeze

1. Place shreded squash into plastic freezer bags and seal or use a food saver machine.

2. Lay flat in freezer for later use for soups, stews, breads, bakes and so much more.

3. You can also slices squash and freeze.

Step 4: II

Another Way to freeze squash is to purée it.

I. Pick, wash and chop squash into chuck's. I leave the skin on as long as it isn't hard.

2. Place about a half cup to a cup of water in the pan, depending on the amount of squash you are using. I used five and about 3/4 cup of water.

3. Place on high heat and bring to a boil for a few minutes until squash is tender.

4. Remove from heat. Drain water and place in blender.

5. Blend until its the texture you like.

6. Let cool in blender for 5-10 minutes then pour into freezer bags or plastic containers and freeze.

7. I use my purée for stock for soups, thanksgiving dinner and so much more!

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