Introduction: French Bread Pizza

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I'm going to share my favorite snack with you. French Bread Pizza!!
It's fast, easy and cheap .. not to mention YUMMY!!

Step 1: Ingredients

~ French bread .. $0.99
~ spaghetti sauce ( or pizza sauce whichever ) .. $2.00 but lasts a good while
~ shredded cheese of your choice (using mozzarella here) $1.25 which will last you the entire loaf

If you like pepperoni or some other topping just add that to the list.
I prefer just plain ol' cheese french bread pizzas.

Step 2: Cut Your Bread

First, cut your bread 1"thick.
You could go thinner but then your bread will go soggy.

Step 3: Sauce It Up!

Self explanitory... put sauce on your slices.. how ever much or little you want.

Step 4: Toppings

Add your favorite toppings.
I just go with cheese ... but that's my preference.

Step 5: Nuke It.

Time to zap your creation.
My microwave can cook my pizzas in 1minute and 30seconds.**

**cooking times may vary depending on your microwave

Step 6: NomNom

Time to eat.. might need to let it set for a lil bit because we all know hot sauce and hot cheese makes for not so happy tongue/mouth.

After it has cooled.. chow down!