Introduction: French Knitting Tube

I originally learned how to make this nifty little craft years ago at summer camp. I thought it would be fun to visit it again! The end result can be used for decoration or play, whatever you like!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Here's everything you're going to need!

1. Empty cardboard bathroom tissue roll

2. Four Popsicle sticks

3. Glue or Tape

4. Yarn

5. Scissors

6. Colorful paper (optional)

Step 2: Glue/tape Your Popsicle Sticks Onto the Cardboard Tube

The popsicle sticks should be across from each other, and about the same height, about half an inch over the top of the tube. Apply the glue to the popsicle stick, then press it against the cardboard tube for a few seconds. It may take a moment for the glue to dry. If using tape, tape the top and bottom of each popsicle stick to the tube for extra stability. You can use seperate pieces of tape for each Popsicle stick.

Step 3: Cover Your Tube With Colorful Paper (Optional)

If desired, decorate your cardboard tube with some colorful paper! Cut the paper in a rectangle the same height as the tube, and long enough to cover the tube around once. Either glue or tape the paper to the tube.

Step 4: Start Knitting

Thread the tail end of the yarn down through the tube, with the popsicle sticks oriented up. Let a few inches of the yarn hang down past the bottom of the tube.

Step 5: Wind Your Yarn

Take your yarn and begin winding it around the popsicle sticks, first going behind each stick, and then crossing in front. Pass the yarn back around to the next stick, and repeat for each one. Continue until you have two loops of yarn on each stick.

Step 6: Turn the Loops

Now, with each popsicle sticks, pass the bottom loop of yarn over the top loop, making sure the top loop stays on the popsicle stick. Slide the bottom loop of yarn up and over the popsicle stick towards the center. Repeat on each popsicle stick until each has only one loop remaining.

Step 7: Pull on the Tail

After every pass around, gently tug on the tail of the yarn hanging past the bottom of the tube.

Step 8: Wind Your Yarn Again

Take your yarn and repeat the process of winding it around each popsicle stick, first going behind, then passing in front, then back around to the next stick. Stop when you have two loops on each popsicle stick again.

Step 9: Knitting

Continue this process of passing the bottom loop over the top loop, then rewinding the yarn. Every few times around, tug gently on the tail of your yarn. You should quickly begin to see your results!

Step 10: Tie Off

When you're pleased with the length of your knitting, cut your yarn from the ball, leaving at least six inches on the tail. Thread the end of the yarn through each remaining loop on the popsicle sticks, then remove the yarn from the tube. Pull the tail taught, and tie it off with a double knot.