Frequency Analysis: SPSS (1.5)




Introduction: Frequency Analysis: SPSS (1.5)

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After data has been entered, it can be analyzed using descriptive statistics. Descriptive statistics are commonly used for summarizing data frequency or measures of central tendency (mean, median and mode). We can use frequency analysis to answer the first research question. Frequency analysis is a descriptive statistical method that shows the number of occurrences of each response chosen by the respondents. When using frequency analysis, SPSS Statistics can also calculate the mean, median and mode to help users analyze the results and draw conclusions. The following example will use a frequency analysis to answer “Research Question # 1: What kind of computer do people prefer to own?” using the data collected from the sample survey. Created by the ITS Training Program at CSULA for students.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is the best tutorial on the internet. Exactly what i needed to know

    VERY well done training on SPSS. You move at a perfect pace and cover the material very well. Im very impressed. TY, I enjyed watching.