Introduction: Fresh Flower Crown

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A how-to tutorial on making a crown with fresh flowers straight from the garden. Great idea for weddings, parties and festivals, or just for those ladies who have the courage to wear them on an every day basis. Enjoy!

Materials :

  • fresh flowers, leaves, twigs... anything
  • wire
  • floral tape
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • round nose pliers

Step 1: Mini Bouquets

Version 1

Take your fresh flowers, cut them down to size so that you can make itty bitty teeny tiny miniature bouquets. Then tape up the stems with your floral tape and tape them to your wire.

Step 2: More Little Bouquets...

Take your second mini bouquet and tape it onto the wire making sure to cover the tape of the previous bouquet. Continue until the whole wire is covered.

Step 3: Wire Bending

Use your round nose needle pliers to bend the ends of your wire into a little loop. Take your ribbon and thread it through the loops and tie together. Simple.

Step 4: Version 2

If you can get your hands on the natural fiber floral wire, it gives you a nice rustic look without having to cover the whole wire. Make your small bouquets and attach them to only one side of the wire. Then simply twist the ends around each other to make a closure.

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Step 5: