Introduction: Fresh Flower Jewellery

Fresh flower jewellery is a simple jewellery made with flower and Crystal beads. It looks pretty descent, easy to make and doesn't require much costly material or time.
It can be wore by bride and can also be wore in many religious functions. In this instructable ,I am going to tell you how to make a bridle jewellery set.

Step 1: Material Required

Material are easily obtainable from your garden and stationary or general stores.
1. Scissors
2 .Glue gun
3.Strong thread and needle
4.Wooden beats
5.Crystal ringed beads
6.Earring hooks
8.Crystal stone
9.Golden ribbon
10.Fresh bud of Tabernaemontana or opt for mohra

Step 2: Basic Material Editing

Making of buds
Cut the stem of the buds and make them like beads but remember not to cut the whole stem ,but cut it till the neck and leave some stem, as described in photos. It would require about 400 grams of buds.

Making the Buttons
Trim the stem of buds but leave a lot of stem. These Buttons could be used to make broach.

Cutting the petals
Cut the petals for broach.

Step 3: Basic Assembly

This to assemble the parts.

Step 4: Assembly

Make Garland's and join them with Crystal stones as done in photos.

Step 5: Some of My Works

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