Introduction: Fresh Fruit Notter Freezer Pops

So it is that fresh fruit time of year.  Your fruit tree has just bestowed on you the bounty of Happyness, 40+ pounds of fruit.  You have canned and made plum jelly, plum orange jelly, plum chutney, plum cherry jelly, plum perserves, plum BBQ sauce and still have 10+ pounds of ripe fruit left.  Well now is the time to add one more to the list and make Pump Notter Freezer Pops.

Things you will need
Freezer bags (I used quart bags but your choice for what to use)
Heat sealer
Fresh Fruit

Step 1: Prepare Your Fruit Puree

Time to prepare your fruit puree.

One recipe:
6 Cups of Plums
1 over ripe banana

Place ingredients in a food processor and chop it all up.

Sweeten to your taste but if you are using ripe fruit you should not need anything.

Step 2: Create Your Pop Bags

Using your heat sealer create the pop holders to the size you like.  Make sure that you create a gap between pops so you can cut them apart!

Step 3:

Add your funnel, fill and seal!  Dont forget to wash the excess out.

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