Introduction: Fresh Guacamole

The key to making delicious guacamole is making it simple and fresh. With just a few essential ingredients, this guacamole is easy to make and will be a hit with your friends & family! This serving is for 2-4 people.

Step 1: Ingredients & Tools

Ingredients : You'll need 2 ripe avocados, 1/4 of a large red onion, 2 cloves garlic, half bunch of cilantro, half a lime, salt and pepper. For spicy guacamole, add 1/4 of a small spicy green pepper.

Tools: You will need a medium-sized mixing bowl, a spatula (wood spatula is best), a chopping knife, a cutting board, a spoon, and of course, CHIPS!

Step 2: Split

Cut your avocado's in half by dragging your knife around the avocado, length-wise just enough to slice through the skin and avocado meat. Open avocados, remove pit, and scoop the meat into the mixing bowl.

Step 3: Chop

Chop 1/4 of a large red onion (about a handful) and mince 2 cloves of garlic. Add both into mixing bowl. If you are adding 1/4 of a small spicy green pepper, now is the time to chop it up and add.

Note: This can also be done quicker in a mini food processor! Just throw in red onion, garlic, and spicy pepper (if using) and chop away with the press of a button. Chop until smooth and no large chunks are visible.

Step 4: Add the Good Stuff!

One of the best parts of guacamole is the fresh taste of cilantro; I use half a bunch, but you can use less.

The easiest way to chop cilantro is to roll it up into as tight of a ball as you can and chop away. This technique allows for a quicker chopping time, as multiple cuts are made to each stem with each chop!
Add to mixture.

Step 5: Lime

Use a reamer or your hands to squeeze the juice of half a lime into the mixture.

Step 6: Salt & Pepper

Throw in some salt & freshly ground pepper to taste. Just a few tosses of both will do; you can always go back in the end and modify it in the end!

Step 7: Mix

Use your wooden spatula to mash the avocado and gradually begin to fold in the onion, garlic, lime, salt and pepper. Mash only slightly for chunkier guacamole.

Step 8: Modify

Making the perfect guacamole isn't an exact science.

Some more lime, salt and pepper may need to added in the end to get just the right taste. Use your most important tool, the chip, to get a taste for what you might need to add just a little more of!

Step 9: Eat

Transfer your mixed guacamole into a serving bowl (if enjoying with chips), or stuff it directly into your favorite burrito!

Step 10: Refrigerate

Tip: In the rare event that this isn't all eaten in one sitting... you want to make sure that before you refrigerate it, air cannot get to the guac. If this isn't done, then the top layer will brown.

You can do this by placing in an air tight container, but the easiest is just to lay a piece of plastic wrap over top of the guacamole and press down to let all the air out.

Step 11: Scraps

Have some food scraps you don't just want to throw away? Here are some options:

Compost: Feed your indoor or outdoor compost pile! Cilantro tips and garlic/onion skins make a great snack for worms.

Natural dye: Onion skins can be used for natural dyes. I usually save skins of red & yellow onions and old greens for dying fabrics, string, etc.